Sunday 25 August 2013

Organizing resources for teachers and teacher trainers

As a teacher and teacher trainer I have found that I need to have multiple resources, tools or websites at hand, easily available. I have over the past years experimented with a few different tools so here they are!

One possibility is using a startpage to organize the resources you regularly use.

Another possibility is to create an interactive bulletin board with these resources.

You can also use a social bookmarking tool to create lists of resources

Other tools to organize your resources

And last but not least, when you need to work with multiple tabs open in your browser, there are extensions or plug ins that allow you to save a “session” and re open it whenever you need it.


  1. Excellent post! i'm a disorganized teacher. and my resources are all scattered. I've heard of livebinders. Which one do you recommend the most?

  2. Thanks for sharing and displaying these options. As a newbie, consider me curious and often confused.