Monday 29 January 2018

Vocal Recall: Audio Feedback with QR Codes

  I have just found an amazing app with a solid pedagogical idea behind! So I’m    back blog writing after almost 5 years!!!

  The app is called Vocal Recall @vocalrecallapp and allows you to upload audio  directly to preprinted stickers of QR codes.

  This is how it works: you need the mobile app (Android and iOS) and the printed QR code stickers, which you can buy from Amazon or print yourself with the free  QR Codes sent to you by email.

  1-     You record a message up to 5 minutes with the app.
  2-     You scan the QR code with the app to link the code with that recording.
  3-     You put the QR code sticker anywhere to be decoded with any QR code reader to listen to it.

  A test

  Scan this QR code to see how it works.

  Some ideas for the classroom:

  As a teacher:

  • Add a sticker to any print classroom materials to include oral instructions.
  • Add a ticker to students’ work to provide personalised feedback.
  • Add a sticker to each station in a treasure hunt for oral instructions.
As a student:
  • Add a sticker to a book you have read with your oral book review and recommendation.
  • Add a sticker to a project artifact explaining what you did.
  • Create a self-assessment sticker for any work or period of work.


  I believe the value of the app is in the ready-made QR codes and the ease of use. You could of course make your own QR codes one by one, but that would take ages! Even if you order the QR codes from Amazon the cost is minimal, as the app itself is free.

  I will definitely be trying this out with my own students as from March and promise to come back with more ideas for implementation.