Friday 15 October 2010

Resources and Ideas for a lesson about Water

It´s Blog Action Day again and this year it´s about water.
I have found many interesting infographics and stats that can be used as starting points in the debate about water in the world. Infographics are great for visual literacy and to get students thinking and producing language from facts. I thought I would share these with you.

Other websites with plenty of resources on water education are

 It would then be interesting to make students calculate their water footprint


To do this you can use National Geographic´s Water Footprint calculator or Water Footprint´s quick or extended calculator

After you do this, you can ask your students to brainstorm and debate ways of saving water, which they can later post to a Wallwisher

Alternatively they can also do an image search for water education campaigns and discuss the images used.

If you have any oher ideas, please leave a comment.

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