Thursday 29 September 2011

Guest post: SpeedUpTV – Helps To Hone Your Foreign Language Learning Skills

SpeedUpTV is a new iOS-based application, compatible with the iPhone. This application provides rich features that have made it a popular choice among various iPhone users. Some iPhone users, like foreign language students, find this application simply amazing. SpeedUpTV is an effective app for improving your listening comprehrension skills. For example, if you have trouble understanding some dialogue in your favorite drama or an important part during a movie you can always replay or slow it down and loop it so you can understand what was said more clearly.

Let me explain in more detail. You can decrease the speed to 0.5X meaning you can slow down the speech of a video. Moreover, you can choose playback speed of 0.5x, 1x, 1.5x, 2x or 2.5x without sacrificing on quality of the video. This can be helpful when watching educational videos or maybe a lecture in English or any other foreign language. 
This app helps students clarify their errors and make the necessary changes to improve fluency. I found this app to be of great use for people trying to learn a new language. I was able to slowdown the speed of video to better understand what the speaker was saying. SpeedUpTV is a great tool for improving listening skills. By listening to the video slowly and then progressively faster, I was able to better understand each dialogue and the nuances of pronunciation. 

For those of you having trouble understanding the dialogue in your favorite foreign dramas because of the speed of their speech this app might help you improve your listening comprehension skills while also enjoying learning a foreign language.

AppsAsia is a South Korean-based company passionately dedicated to providing marketing, promotion and advertising services for Korean iPhone application developers.

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  1. Sounds like an interesting tool, but I'm not quite sure what types of videos it plays. Can you for example play Youtube videos on it or does it only play videos that are locally stored on the device?

  2. Thanks for your question Lisa :)

    It can only play with videos that are locally stored on your device. So watching a recorded lecture or maybe a CNN news story will need to be first saved on your iPhone, iPod Touch and then if you are having problems understanding it clearly (for example many students have problems understanding CNN News stories because they speak very quickly) then you can slow down the speed of the video so you can understand it more clearly. Hope that helps :)

  3. And thank you for the answer!

    Hopefully they'll add the Youtube functionality in the future.

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