Sunday, 8 February 2009

Animoto and One True Media

This week we were asked to explore Animoto and I could not resist playing around with it yesterday. Here are my comments:

- It looked amazing at first sight.
- You can make as many 30-second shorts for free, but they would only fit 3 or 4 pictures. Too short!
- Full-length videos are $3 each. Haven't tried...

Then I remembered I had seen another tool to do something like that and...I found it!

One True Media is a bit more complex but lets you make a video from your uploaded photos, chose styles, transitions, music and voila! There are premium (paid) features but the free ones work really well! Here's my first experiment with a few photos of my daughter and our three lovely cats.


  1. Fantastic video, Vicky! Your daughter and the cats are lovely!
    One True Media looks quite interesting. I've already bookmarked it and made a note of exploring it. It's incredible the number of tools we have at our disposal.
    Thanks for sharing this!
    Mary (from Rosario, Argentina)

  2. Wow, Vicky, that was great! But your cat needs to go on a diet LOL.

  3. Hi Vicky!
    I discovered One True Media only recently and have become addicted... as well as my students :) It allows me to make great "silent videos" where my students can simply drill in pairs while watching beautiful photos with the fun effects.