Sunday, 16 May 2010

10 Blogs Worth Keeping an Eye On

I have been following the 10 Blogs Worth Keeping an Eye On initiative with great interest as a way to discover new gems in cyberspace. And it is now my turn thanks to Ozge Karaoglu, who included my blog in her list!

I could of course mention the obvious blogs that everybody talks about: those of Jeremy Harmer, Ken Wilson, Larry Ferlazzo, Shelly Terrell, Burcu Akyol and Karenne Sylvester, among others.

But since I run an educational technology blog I will focus on blogs specifically related to technology integration for language learning. So here´s my list of 10 blogs in no particular order:

Now, it’s your turn to nominate if you are on the list!!
  • Add a picture and a link to the blog that has nominated you
  • Choose 10 blogs to nominate
  • Tell them that you have nominated them on your list
  • Spread the word & spread the love!!

1 comment:

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